Case study : Technocentre Renault in Guyancourt : the building La Ruche

In Alexander (K.) (ed.), Usability of workplaces, CIB Report, Publication 306, Rotterdam, septembre 2005, pp. 58-73.

This is the fourth workshop of the CIB51 – Usability of Workplaces. The object is the
vehicle design and development centre of Renault - Technocentre Renault. The study
focuses on the occupation of one specific building – the Ruche – where more than 4000
people work in product and process engineering.

The report is based on interviews with management and staff from the operational division of Vehicle Engineering Development and interviews with actors in charge of facilities management, building design process and workplace strategies.
The management considered the implementation and use of the Technocentre as an
essential part of its change strategy in vehicle design and development. This led to a very ambitious approach both in the architectural and landscape treatment of the site and in the way the building / facilities management has to support ongoing change by which the organization seeks to adapt and improve its processes.
The case study examines the way the organization occupies and manages the Ruche. Then it questions the perceptions of benefits within the organization based on the experience of use. It turns out that the learning process – knowledge about the building and its possible uses – is an important aspect of the perceptions, of the way the organization actually use the building and of the way it envision change.
The draft report presented during the workshop on the 6th September is intended to give a first idea of the case and the analysis. The complete and final version will be developed after the discussions of the workshop.