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Scientific headmastership Michael Fenker
Research unit of the Paris-La Villette’s National High School of Architecture, entitled by French Ministry of Culture and Communication, team with UMR Lavue (CNRS n°7218) member of the “Abbé Grégoire” Doctorate School - CNAM.
Apex of the RAMAU network (Réseau Activités et Métiers de l’Architecture et de l’Urbanisme), a scientific and thematic network of the architectural research.

Research fields :
Architecture, urban planning, sociology, workspaces, facilities management, usages, professions in architecture, actors and processes in architectural and urban design, commissioning, prime contracting, images and knowledge.

Created in 1978, the LET gathers teachers and researchers from different fields : architecture, sociology, urban planning, economy. It develops an inter-disciplinary approach in relationship with its research topics : workspaces at the beginning, and then, the processes of elaboration of architectural and urban projects, "the work of architecture and urban planning" and the produced objects, whether they are urban plans or buildings.