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Compagny Strategies and Architectural Demand


In Tornquist (A.) and Ullmark (P.) (eds.) Appropriate Architecture - Workplace design in Post Industrial Society, Royal Institute of Technology / Chalmers University of Technology, Stockholm, Gothenmburg, 1993. pp. 53-58.

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In France, the 1980s have witnessed a renewal of architecture as a vehicle
for corporate communication. However, this context
a favourable one for
should not be allowed to mask the diversity of company
situations and of companies’ relations with architecture.

The premises which
companies occupy may perform various functions : housing the company,
facilitating production and work processes, promoting an image. According
to their size, the sector to which they belong and their own culture,
companies may be primarily concerned by one or another of these different
functions and will approach them in a
particular frame of mind. Thus every
operation of new construction, or of in
stalling in existing premises, is the
result of particular motivations. Each of them bas a correspondingly specific
process of building elaboration, design and realisation.

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